Manuka has been living at Grady animal hospital for the past 3 months. She was initially treated for an abscess in her ankle which ultimately lead to amputation of her hind leg. Manuka had several post-operative complications but today is a healthy adult cat. Manuka is up to date on vaccinations and felv/five testing and is already spayed. Manuka has not been tested with dogs but does get along well with other cats. We expect no long-term complications. Please direct all questions to Jillian.

Dobby (DOB 4/30/2017)
Dobby came to Grady animal hospital as a stray.  Dobby was diagnosed with a luxated (dislocated) hip on X-ray.  Despite his injury he has been a vey active kitten.  Dobby is current on vaccinations for his age and is neutered.  He enjoys sitting on people’s shoulders and going for long car rides.  Dobby may require a future surgery for his injured hip but you would never know it if you saw him play.  Dobby is great with other cats and dogs and would make a great addition to any household.  If interested, please direct any questions to Ashleigh.

Picture Coming Soon…
Bella is one of Grady’s newest additions.  Bella is a 7 year-old intact female poodle.  She was attacked by a large dog and suffered multiple puncture wounds.  Bella is a sweet and gentle dog.  Her injuries are expected to fully heal and she will soon be ready for her forever home.  We plan to spay and vaccinate Bella once she is fully recovered.  Bella is currently heartworm negative and undergoing treatment for Lyme disease.  We expect her to be fully recovered in 1 months time.  Bella does well with other dogs and cats and shows no fear of larger dogs despite her history.  Please direct any questions regarding adoption to Jillian.

Pretty Girl (DOB 4/13/2009)
Pretty Girl was surrendered by her owners several months ago.  She is currently undergoing dramatic weight loss.  Pretty Girl has been on a prescription diet since her arrival at Grady, and has already lost 4 pounds since her weight loss journey began.  Pretty Girl would do best in a single-cat home.  She is current on vaccinations, felv/fiv negative, and is spayed.  She will need to be on prescription weight loss food until her goal weight is achieved.   Please direct any questions to Ashleigh.

Leelu (DOB 6/30/2017)
Leelu was taken in as a stray kitten.  He is current on vaccinations for his age and will be neutered once his feline distemper vaccine is completed.  He has been treated for intestinal parasites and is felv/fiv negative.  Leelu is very playful and gets along well with other cats.  He has not been tested with dogs but does not seem to mind dogs in the clinic.  Leelu is ready for adoption at any time.  Please direct any questions to Ashleigh.

Carmella (DOB 7/25/2017)
Carmella is a beautiful longhaired calico kitten.  She was found abandoned on the side of the road and is a very sweet cat.  She has been felv/five tested, deformed and vaccinated.  Carmella still needs several distemper booster vaccinations and is not yet spayed.  Carmella does well with other cats but has not yet been dog-tested.  Please direct any questions to Ashleigh.